Petite Adele 2017 SS Collection Photo Shooting Behind the scene

Yeah! We did it. 

It seemed impossible but we really pull it off.
I truly thanks to all my creative team members , fun & beautiful models and awesome photograper Isa Battaglin/ Lilly K. Photography

It all started a week ago. Normally this kind of shooting needs prep at least a month. But as usual (me= last minute super power) , I decided to shoot 2017 SS collection before this year. 

I have been following Lilly K Photograpy Instagram and I became huge fan of her work. I contacted her before through instagram message long time ago but I didn't hear back from her. FYI, don't use this message for business inquiry. I learned hard way. Any way, long story short, I finally got her contact through my be loved make up artist Christina. But Isa was totally booked until next spring.

I was going to give up. almost... then i asked her when she will start your holiday. What if we do it on 22nd of December?

She said yes and we managed to find 4 of BEAUTIFUL and Super Awesome models. Fun and goofy yet gorgeous in front of camera Delilah, classic Beauty with tom boy / energetic Miss Maise , super professional and perfect editorial look Evija and defiantly best swag in Los Angeles little Savvy. 

Next, the location. The theme of this photo shoot was whimsical in odd place. "Where the secret starts ..."
I I didn't not want the typical studio for this time. I wanted to have dark and rough llook in sweet gorgeous gowns. So i looked for all the warehouses in town. This was hardest part. Since we only had few days to find and most rental place like this were already booked. Also some of them started holiday vacation already.

Finally I found the perfect place. a lot of famous music videos including Kanye West were shot here which means it is Very Very expensive place. However, Thanks to holiday! I got the best deal EVER.

Shooting Day. 

It was raining in the morning. This made everything so hard. The traffic was very bad and the room was so cold. Our creative team got there on time but models and Isa was running late. And it was too cold for the kids. So we got heater from the leasing office and started make up first. It took a while to make the hair that big. Thanks to Chirstina. Didn't i tell you you are the best! .  

By the time Isa arrived the models where ready. I brought fog machine to make the background whimsical. Hum.. i don't think that plan worked.  (sad sad)

Isa brought up the idea of glitter before the shooting. Hum.. It turns out 50% successful and 50% so so. I didn't calculate the face that the location floor is not always clean. So gold and silver glitter is not showing much in the legs but it looks great on their faces. 

Overall, the shoot went well and i can't wait to see Isa's Magic. 

Check out our 2017 SS Collection



Savvy was talking about Mannequin Challenge whole we are shooting. so I promised after the shooting, we will do it. check out below for petite adele mannequin challenge. 

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