Introducing Petite Adele Mom and Me Collection

As I mentioned in about us, my mom used to make my clothes with left over fabric when i was little girl. Also once awhile, she made matching dresses for her too. Different design but with the same fabric.

One summer we wear the same dress together and visited my aunt's house. My cousin really loved and wanted my dress. normallyi was pretty cool to give her my clothes since I had a lot of them. But this was different. I couldn't give it because it is pair with my mom's. I wish i still have that dress but i don't. 

Mom and Me collection started because of this story. I wanted to create the memory that your daughter will remember forever. Mom is everything to little girl. Mom is the most beautiful woman in the world and all daughter go through "mom crush" period growing up. They would like to wear just like mom. So I designed Mom and Me collection. 

I didn't want to create too fancy. any mom can wear and feel comfortable and still look trendy in daily life. 

Here are the sneak peak. 


Please check out mom and me collection. >>


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